hi- i'm Joseph!
here are some projects i worked on!


This Website

    This website began as a text message to my old roommate. Something along the lines of, "Yo, what are your thoughts on building our own ISP?". Either way, after joking around and learning how ludicrous it would be to create an ISP, we soon stumbled upon the idea of making ourselves personal websites.

    We bought our domains from Google Domains and got to work. I was responsible for the backend web hosting and decided to focus on learning about the process of how websites function and reach from a server to the browser you are currently reading this from.

    I started with a fresh install of Ubuntu on my Linux server. Next was utilizing Nginx to handle the web hosting from my server to the internet. After many headaches and cups of coffee, my "Hello world!" page was working.

    Next was getting our web address to display our websites. Google Domains requires all .dev addresses to be HTTPS yet didn't supply .dev with SSL certificates. I turned to Cloudflare to handle our SSL and DNS configurations. Thanks to double shot espressos and stack overflow, the websites are now accessible with our domains.

    In all, my portion of the website project gave me experience in backend development as well as an immense amount of knowledge on internet protocols.

    The front end of the website was done by my old roommate, Nicholas Fiorito.If you have the time, go check him out!