hi- i'm Joseph!
here are some projects i worked on!


Space Themed Boston Children's Museum Project

    Our final project for Cornerstone of Engineering was to create an exhibit for the Boston Children’s Museum. The class-wide theme was space and my group was assigned to create something for the planet Jupiter. We decided to make a game utilizing RFID.

    The premise for the game was that a child would toss into a model of Jupiter 3D-printed “Moons,” representing each of Jupiter’s 79 moons. Each moon was fitted with a unique RFID tag. When a moon landed inside Jupiter, facts about that moon would be displayed on a screen. A Solidworks version of the game board and moons is pictured below.

    My project task was to implement the RFID. To do so, I had to overcome certain challenges, including that the moons had to be scannable from a distance, through plastic, while moving. A normal RFID Arduino module would not work with these obstacles. After researching the issue, I found that an ID-3LA chip would allow our team to attach a custom antenna. Applying some physics and using a 3D printer for the casing, we created a working antenna. A working example of the antenna can be seen here.

    Sadly, due to COVID-19, we were unable fully to complete the project and install it in the museum. Nonetheless, I learned a lot about RFID and this piqued my interest in wireless communications.

    The game board