hi- i'm Joseph!
here are some projects i worked on!


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Student Intern Volunteer Projects

    I started working at NIST for my senior project in high school, which eventually lead to a great summer-long internship. I volunteered in the High Performance Computing and Visualization group (HPCV) under my mentor Judith Terrill. HPCV worked in 3D modeling for data analysis to be run in their walk-in VR room, CAVE (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment) and yes, it is a recursive acronym.

    Working here involved me learning their proprietary High End Visualization (HEV) software as well as learn the Linux environment. It was also a great experience to learn how to work and collaborate in a professional setting.

3D Visualization of Hydrodynamic Factors Influencing Mineral Dissolution

    The first project I worked on while at NIST was to visualize the flow of water dissolving a mineral sample. I took the lead with another student intern and began working.

    The first step in creating the flow field was creating an accurately sized test chamber to fit all of the data. This was done using OpenSCAD. OpenSCAD was chosen over other CADing software as it tied in well with HEV and has scripting capabilities.

    The second step is creating the flow mineral concentration. All 92 data files were then translated into a 155 x 155 x 39 unit field with HEV Utilities representing the concentration of the mineral at each point. We created a 92 frame flipbook to visual the expirement. The result of this can be seen here.

    The third part of the experiment was to create a vector field in the 155 x 155 x 39 unit field. Each point represented the magnitude of the velocity as well as its direction. With some scripting with Python, this was achieved.

    In conclusion, this project was a great learning experience. I had learned both more software tools as well as professional work skills. The diagrams that were created were featured and credited to in a publication!

Other projects

    I went back to NIST over the summer of 2020 as a student volunteer and continued to work on projects where I learned how to use Paraview to create visualizations. I currently still intern here and have a great experience with working with more teams and working on on-going projects.