hi- i'm Joseph and i'm a second-year computer engineering and

  computer science student!
 here's some more about me!


  • Why Comp Eng & Comp Sci?

    My first memory of using a desktop computer was back in pre-school. An old desktop running Windows 98 with dial-up for internet connection. I got older and technology got newer. Soon I was playing Spore on our new fancy Windows XP with ethernet! Soon enough we installed wifi in our house along with an even fancier Windows 7 computer with a touch screen. Then jump to now where I get gigabit internet on my watch!

    It's amazing to see how fast the world is changing in just a short amount of time. And I want to be part of it.

    My main interest is in embedded systems. Both the hardware and software sides. Coding at such low levels such as directly changing a 0 to a 1 and seeing a real-world effect always blows me away.

    What Else?

    Outside of my studies, I have interests in a few clubs and hobbies. I work with Northeastern's satire newspaper, The Husky Husky, on making artwork for the articles. I'm also an active member of Northeastern's engineering fraternity, Beta Gamma Epsilon. I'm also very passionate about rock music and my favorite pass time, baking.

    The Husky Husky

    Northeastern takes itself too seriously, and we're here to joke about it. Making art for the articles and hanging out with other staff members is just a great way to destress from classes. I love it as it allows me to express a more creative side outside of my typical engineering work.

    Beta Gamma Epsilon

    I'm a proud member of Northeastern's engineering fraternity. We're a small group consisting solely of STEM majors and we pride ourselves on our ability to help each other with academics. It's great being part of the community and currently, I hold the IFC chair which represents our chapter to the university.


    So far my favorite elective that I have taken was MUSC1111, Rock Music. The class was about the history of rock and it jumpstarted my love for the genre. Currently, I've been listening to a lot of Dire Straits and Steely Dan.


    If I'm not working you'll defiantly find me in the kitchen baking. Whenever the urge hits me, I just go at it. Here are some examples!

    My jelly donuts

    Checkerboard cookies

    I try not to eat all of them and share them with my apartment!